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1080P Video Doorbell Camera with Motion Detection

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  • The Video Doorbell Camera is powered by using your home's existing doorbell wiring (16V-24V) and is compatible with existing traditional mechanical and electronic digital chimes to provide surveillance of all front door activity in high definition 1920x1080p resolution. This home security camera features an extra-wide 140 viewing angle allowing you to cover every angle. This doorbell is not battery-powered.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker allow for two-way audio and makes it easier to talk to visitors without having to get up and answer the door. Includes two interchangeable faceplates, choose from a black or silver faceplate. The Amcrest Video Doorbell Camera is RTSP stream compatible.
  • PIR Motion Sensor lets you receive motion detection alerts via email or push notifications and instantly review recorded footage directly from your smartphone using the Amcrest Smart Home app. Securely store your HD footage to the Amcrest Smart Home Cloud or store it directly to a class 10 MicroSD card up to 128GB. (MicroSD Card Not Included, Limited compatibility with Amcrest View Pro, Not compatible with Amcrest Cloud).


Customer Reviews

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Michael H
Great quality for a great price

Very high quality, took a little enthusiasm to install because I’ve never installed something like this before but the instructions were very easy to follow, and product works very well, super impressed

Great Stand Alone Doorbell Camera

I was in the market for a doorbell camera and I have purchased a few over the years. I have tried Ring, RCA, Uniden, Eufi and a few others. My requirements are fairly simple all i wanted was a non cloud based camera and decent notifications and alerts. After trying a few options on the market I settled on this Amcrest doorbell.If your looking for a great standalone doorbell camera this is it! It works great with the onboard SD card slot and integrates perfectly with my security camera NVR. The notifications to my phone are fairly quick and the app isPROS1. Recording on a DVR. Since it is an Amcrest camera it hooked up flawlessly with my Amcrest DVR and recorded just like any other camera.2. SD card built in and I can record locally instead of the Cloud. ( I will note amcrest does offer a reasonably priced cloud service but i declined to use it)3. Good daytime picture quality.4. The alerts are decently quick.5. Decent night vision. You can even turn the IR night vision on and off from the APP! (Huge Plus as my front door area has plenty of light. Turning off the IR leds allows the camera to stay in color at night)CONS1. Front Covers are hard to remove.2. I wish the camera lens had a swivel bracket or a way to angle just the camera lens slightly differently. While the view is good i would love to be able to angle the camera lens slightly upwards towards the door more.3. No SD card is included you have to purchase one separately.THE INSTALLThe initial install process was fairly simple I would rate a skill level necessary of a 3 out of 5. This is a fairly large doorbell and on my house the doorbell was much larger then the surface area my trim allowed. To solve this I made a small bracket to support the camera out of plywood. This allowed me to then use the included screws and I was able to screw the doorbell bracket into the wood which stabilized it. The only thing i didn't like about the install is the cover for the camera is fairly hard to remove. They have two small slots for the screwdriver to pop off the plastic trim but i partially scratched the housing trying to remove it.WIFIMy main suggestion for everyone who wants to buy a wifi doorbell is to check the wifi signal on your front porch beforehand. My wifi signal was not that great on my front porch. The amcrest camera would connect but it would occasionally lose signal. I don't fault the camera for this as even my laptop and phone had trouble staying connected. I solved this by putting an Ethernet extender near my front door which resolved these issues. I would suggest checking this out beforehand as it will save you alot of trouble down the road.Picture QualityThe picture quality of the camera is great! I really liked that the app allowed me to turn off the IR leds so the camera would stay in daytime mode at night. As long as you have plenty of light on your front porch it allows the camera to stay in color.Overall I would definitely buy this one again. The camera has a good picture quality, fast alert process, works without the cloud and the price is right. This doorbell accomplished everything i needed it to do and more. If your looking for a non cloud based camera this is the camera I would buy!

Great camera - Smaller than competitors!

I have been looking to get a doorbell camera for a while. I decided to go with the Amcest because of its size, price and ability to hold an SD card. This camera is also much smaller than Ring.The only downside to the Amcrest doorbell cam is that it needs to be hardwired, which is good and bad. If you already have a wired doorbell, there is no down side. It will install in minutes. I didn't have a wired doorbell, but I didn't want a huge device outside my house or have to worry about changing batteries all the time. It took me about an hour to install this camera including wiring it with a power adapter which I got from for about $15.Storage / playback -The other great thing about Amcrest is they have a SD card slot, so you can use an SD card to store recordings. This is nice if you don't want to pay the monthly fees to record to the cloud like some of the competitors require. Amcrest does have a cloud storage system and they offer a free year of storage which is great! I personally will likely just use the SD card for playback after my 1st year of Free storage.Quality -The quality of the camera is great both during the day and at night. No complaints on the qualityApp / functionality -The setup is very easy with the app and as soon as someone presses the door bell it immediately pops up almost like a phone call on my phone. There are also settings to alert you any time motion is detected and you can also set areas to specify the location of motion detection. I set mine so it doesn't alert me if a car drives by, but once someone walks on my property is sends me an alert.Overall I have been using this for a week or 2 and really like everything about it, especially knowing exactly when UPS/ Fedex packages get dropped off.

Jim. Carroll
Very happy - high quality, excellent functionality, easy to use

Very easy to install and set up; instructions are concise and easy to follow.My primary issue was with selecting the type of inside chime so that I could turn off the outside chime. We have a mechanical solenoid and striker chime inside, from the previous system. Selecting "mechanical" in the setup dialog only allowed me to hear the electronic doorbell sound over the speaker of the video doorbell unit. I switched the chime module leads at the indoor chime, with no effect. I figured I'd try selecting "Digital" as the type, just for grins, and it worked! I was able to mute the outside chime and hear only the inside chime unit when the doorbell button was pushed. (I don't want to broadcast to the neighborhood every time someone visits!) I do find that the speaker volume is kind of low when using the "talk" function - I feel like I have to speak very loudly to be understood.Other than that glitch with the indoor chime, easily corrected, I am quite favorably impressed. The picture quality, both in daylight conditions and using night vision mode are excellent. The Amcrest Smart Home app is really easy to use and makes accessing the unit easy. I was able to add my wife as a user quickly, and I have added the doorbell as a device on my Amcrest View Pro to allow me to quickly view the image on the doorbell along with cameras in my NVR-based security system.The notification system uses the default ringtone on your phone. I would like to assign a unique tone, but that's no biggie, really. I initially purchased a Ring2 doorbell, but returned it after multiple function issues. This doorbell is every bit as good, and in some respects, far better, at near half the price!

R. hernandez
A must have!

This is a great piece of equipment, it was very easy to set up, it looks very nice and stylish, it comes with two faceplates a black one and a silver one, and the SD card slot is super convenient if you decide not to go with the cloud storage. I haven't had any issues so far using the app, everything has been smooth so far, I will update my review if things change. Overall a great device and a great alternative to the other brands out there. I will definitely recommend to a friend.