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Smart Bulbs with Dimmable Light - 4 Pack

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  • Voice control works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts
  • 90+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) for accurate, crisp, and vibrant color presentation
  • Easy setup with the (free) SYLVANIA Smart WiFi App
  • No hub or additional hardware is required
  • Dimmable with app and voice control
  • Create timers and routines to automate your smart home lighting setup
  • Group your lights, customize scenes, and control them from anywhere
  • Not compatible with Apple HomeKit, Must be connected to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, For indoor use only. Not for use with fully enclosed fixtures

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
What fun and handy too.

So once I got the app setup and the bulbs synch Ed to my wifi this is a great little bit of fun. I got smart bulbs so I can turn lights on and off from my phone. I can turn them on and off while I’m at work. For the cat... but also so I can turn my lights on before carrying stuff inside at night. Very handy. The colors are a bonus. Was fun for Halloween. You can grade a combination of colors to make purple etc aswell. I like the dimming option and ability to change the light from cool to warm for photos. Would make a great gift for weirdos like me.

So easy to use

These light bulbs were extremely affordable and does not require additional hubs to use (if you already have alexa or google products). I love that in a single light bulb you can have the entire rainbow spectrum at your fingertips, including the entire spectrum of regular white light from warmest warm to coolest cool shades. I've even replaced my outdoor light bulb with this so can change the bulb to match the holiday season and put it on a timer schedule.Can't comment on longevity yet, because they are new.

Great Bulbs at a Great Price

It took me about 10 minutes to set up 3 of them (I only have 3 lamps in the living room) and about half of that time was setting up the Sylvania account. Once I did that, I clicked the 'add' button in the app and everything worked flawlessly. Integration with Alexa was super easy, and they showed up in my list of devices automatically. I created a group and I was in business. These bulbs are WiFi, Samsung Smarthings compatible and they are a lot less than LIFX bulbs.The details:- I have several different smart bulbs in my house and I'm looking to standardize on one brand. LIFX bulbs are great, but they are really expensive. Phillips Hue lights work well and are less expensive than LIFX, but they require a puck and are still fairly expensive. Osram bulbs require a wall wart and they didn't work particularly well. We'll see how reliable these Sylvania bulbs are, but so far, so good.- I have a 2.4Ghz wireless network dedicated to home automation. From what I understand, if you have a 5Ghz or Mesh (which I have for my other devices) setup can be more difficult.- I only used their app for setup, everything else goes through Smarthings for automation and Alexa for voice control, so I really have no idea how good or bad their app is.

Came back to these!

I got a 4 pack of these bulbs before Christmas from the Treasure Truck, and put them in our living room, tied to Alexa. Wanted to get more bulbs, but was having a hard time finding these ones, so I went with a "cheaper" brand (gosund), and what a mistake that turned out to be! They were returned the next day, and I searched again for these bulbs, and found them!So I bought another 3 packs of 4, which arrived today. Got 8 bulbs installed, groups and tied into Alexa in less time than it took me to get 1 single bulb of the "other" ones set up (less than 5 minutes). Love these bulbs, will get more as money allows!


Great value and quality. Manual and automation features are handy. I don't know how there are all these negative reviews, the instructions seemed pretty clear to me and was easy to set up. Connect to a 2.4 ghz wifi, screw in the bulb, leave your bulb socket in the on position, and control everything from the app. The hell is so hard about that? lolOne small gripe, though. In the app, the tap responsiveness on the app screens are kind of iffy. Sometimes it works only with a short tap, other times a long press. I'm on a Galaxy S10.