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1080P Pet Camera with Motion Detection

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  • 1080P Indoor Security Camera & Clear IR Night Vision: The 1080P WiFi indoor camera captures sharp and bright videos for you. Cameras for home security built with 8 IR LEDs extend the viewing up to 33 feet and offer you a super night vision experience. Do not miss any details day and night.
  • 2-Way Audio & Reverse Calling: Built-in advanced anti-noise microphone and speaker, this indoor wifi camera allows you to talk with your family or pets when you are out anytime. With the unique callback button, your baby or elder also could reverse the calling easily by pressing it. The home security camera makes communication simpler and easier.
  • Smart Motion Detection & 360 Coverage Monitoring: This security camera can be set up for human motion detection which could greatly reduce false alarms. When motion is detected, the camera will immediately send a real-time alert to your phone. Combined with a 105-degree wide-angle and 355-degree horizontal rotation,allows you to control the camera remotely by Panning /Tilting /Zooming on phone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mark Stout
Monitoring Our New Puppy at all times

We are about to get a new puppy as soon as it is old enough and like new parents are going to be worried about the puppy while we are away for any reason. This camera is our first step for calming the nerves. We will have it set to monitor his crate and we will be notified of his activity and be able to see him whenever needed. We are thrilled with this camera. The ease of set up was fantastic (the step by step instructions were better than any I have experienced in recent history, the resolution, the interactiveness, and the interconnectability with Alexa are all top notch. You can't miss with this product.

This is a top class camera for a great price

It even came with a stand which allowed me to put it in a very tight place in my house. All you have to do is connect it to your wifi and you can access the camera and control how you want to position it as well. Definitely a great deal as cameras of this quality tend to cost well over 100 dollars.

Quality camera for super reasonable price

My fiancé and I work a lot and our fur babies were showing some food aggression and a few other things that made me curious about what was going on while we were gone. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on camera monitoring, so I did some research and decided to buy this camera. It’s amazing! Very clear picture. I work nights sometimes and the night vision is very good quality. Initially the motion detection was not picking up my little buddy, but realized I had to just Adjust the sensitivity, and now it works perfectly. Peace of mind for a super reasonable price. Very satisfied!!

Andrew Kaser
Using 3 cameras at once

I installed cameras to look after comings and goings in the house while I have been on a different continent with a long term work project. I wanted to see what was going on the house for safety as well as seeing family interacting with each other.The cameras were very easy to set up and coordinate with the phone app. I was impressed with the quality of the image with the zooming function. The phone app is easier understood and works one would anticipate. I was very impressed with the night vision quality of the cameras. The ultra red function gives a very clear image with very limited light. The day time color images were very real as well.The motion detection seems to be very sensitive to any movement. You would need to check your preferences in your phone to get the experience you would prefer best. The camera movement (whether automatic or driven by the app) make a little sound it is by no means intrusive or distracting.Considering the price, I was very impressed with the quality.

Ease of use and time to get the camera working

I purchased 3 cameras. In the past I always had issues getting these types of cameras to connect to my wifi. Littlelf has resolved this issue by making the setups a simple 2D barcode that the camera reads from your phone. I held my phone up, waited a few seconds and thought "Well that didn't work and then the camera beeped and I was done". Great! The picture is excellent and the camera controls pretty easily. It is sensitive, as it did keep seeing a moth that was buzzing around in my garage. I intend to order a few more and place these around the entrances of my house. It take me from unboxing to camera operational about 3 minutes now.And finally, the most amazing thing of all. They are responsive. I had a few suggestions on the software and within minutes I had a response!