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Smart Plug - 2 Pack

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  • Dual Smart Plug and Independent Control: Our smart plug with two sockets feature space-saving for users. One wall outlet can be plugged with 4 devices. More efficient than a normal single-socket smart plug. Dual smart sockets (total output:1200w 110Vx10A) work independently or together. One demand controls all of your smart WiFi plugs by creating a group.
  • Simple Voice Command to Control Your Appliances: Gosund dual smart plug works with Alexa Echo and Google home assistant. Connect your traditional lamp, fan, coffee maker, and almost all home appliances(max output 10A) to your smart plug for automation and voice control. What a release for homeworking.
  • APP Remote Control From Anywhere in Any Time: Gosund WiFi plug controls devices plugged into it from anywhere anytime via Gosund app. Tips: compatible with Android 4.4 above or IOS 8.0 above. Only supports a 2.4GHz WiFi network (can't work with 5G WiFi). So you can cut the power off when you are away home to reduce the power consumption of devices plugged into Gosund dual smart plug.
  • Schedule and Timer Function: Customize your schedule for any home appliances, making it work automatically. Imagine that lights on at the moment when you get home, bright, and safe. You can also create your own scenes for your children's lights at sunset or sunrise.
  • Easy Installation and Safety: No hub required. Just 3 steps: 1.download Gosund app on your phone, 2. plug the Gosund dual smart plug into power 3. follow the guide of the app to connect the plug with the app. Special fire-proof and anti-ultraviolet materials, so that the product will not be ignited, safe and reliable, long-term use will not turn yellow but keep white as new. Share with your family on Gosund app via smartphones so you can enjoy the smart life together.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
great omce you get it working

I had issues initially getting my plugs to work and getting them registered. You have to register the plugs first to get started, and registration didn't like my Microsoft email account o it would not send the confirmation to me. I called customer care and we used my gmail account and I was ready to go. There are two ways to set these plugs up and the first easy way didn't work. The second way did work and its been fine every since. I use one switch with lamps and the other with a fan and a space heater and all is well. My only concern is how much amperage can go through the plug without it failing so I keep the heater at medium or lower and never use the high setting. I doubt these can handle the 1500 or so wattage setting. The app leaves a little to be desired when it comes to identifying what smart gadget you are using (could be more clear). Another thing that got me was trying to find out how to rename the individual socket once you have named them. No real deal breakers especially considering the headaches trying to get google home and Alexa with their apps to work. I will be ordering more in the future.

Easy to install. If it's not connecting, make sure your WiFi router is up to date

When I first tried to set the plugs up they wouldn't connect. I'm a techie, so I was determined to figure out the problem because these are well reviewed and a good value. In the end, it turned out my Wifi router was several versions outdated on its firmware. After the firmware downloaded and installed, connecting was quick and easy.A couple things to note if you're integrating with Alexa. There are lots of instructions in the Gosund app, but the seemed outdated. Rather than follow the outlined steps in the app, I followed the advice in the printed instructions that were in the box (just add the Gosund skill to Alexa). Do this after you have the plugs connected and named in the Gosund app. When you add the skill in the Alexa app and connect to Gosund it adds the devices to Alexa for you. Easy Peasy! I found that if you want to rename your plugs after you've synced with the Alexa app, you have to change their names in the Alexa app. Changing the names in the Gosund app has no effect.

Easy to pair, easy to use!

I've discovered that the Smart Life ap is exchangeable with the eFamily Cloud ap. This is important because I also have two extension cords that I wanted to control in one ap. I can set them all up in either ap. I also set up automation and can now turn on/off 8 lights with the click of a button. Love this! It is a perfect complement to devices set up in a security system (Such as ADT).Most of my light switches and all of my cameras are in the ADT Pulse app. The rest of my lamps and one fan are set up on these plugs with the Smart Life App. I know it sounds confusing, but it is really not a big deal to use both apps to control everything in my house. I love this!

Donovan-D Charlemagne
Fantastic deal! Easy installation. Excellent service!

I've had these for over 6 months now. They are a breeze to install (much easier than the last set I had from iSelector). Alexa finds them immediately. These actually create 3 devices, one for each outlet, and one for the entire unit. The result is, you can control each outlet independently, or them both at once. A very handy feature. They are super easy to use, and to relocate, AND, they don't block the other outlet in a standard 2 plug outlet. I highly recommend these. The price is great too, at around $5 per outlet.I did have one problem with them recently. After working flawlessly for 6 months, one morning Alexa suddenly began reporting them all as unresponsive/offline, despite working just fine in the Gosund app. tech support was utterly useless. The Gosund customer support phone number did not work at all, but they responded to my email within a day, and had me up and running again quickly. (The solution/workaround was to use the Smart Life app instead of Gosund.) They even followed up after I confirmed everything was fixed to make sure things continued well. I can't recommend these enough!

S. Yordy
Great answer to two-plugs in one

We have some other single Gosund plugs that have worked great and started having issues with our original Alexa plug. We have two bedside lamps in the bedroom we were controling with an extension/adapter plug, so kind of kludgy way to do it. We could only turn both lamps on/off at the same time, but that was usually okay.This plug allows us to turn the lamps on/off together or individually with the same plug and not using an adapter/extension. I was a little confused on how to install it since the first plugs used the SmartLife app and the new ones said to use the Gosund app. I emailed the customer service team (who had already emailed me a follow up with additional instructions) to ask which to use as I was having issues, and they had answered by the time I turned on my computer in the morning. (turns out I was selecting the wrong type of plug in the app and the SmartLife app will still work...so I don't need to use one app for the older plugs and another for these newer ones)It sounds so silly, but once you have these set up and can turn lights on/off by just asking Alexa to do it you'll really hate it when it stops working. It's almost embarrassing how upset we were that it we had to actually turn the lights on/off by hand for a few days. Oh, the humanity!! ;-)