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Smart Plug - 4 Pack

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  • Hands-free Voice Control: Our Smart plug works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant, control your home devices by simply giving voice commands to them. Enjoy the hands-free experience, helps to take care of moms, kids, elders, and all people, be ready and try these Alexa smart plugs.
  • Control Your Devices from Anywhere at any time: Plug the home devices into the smart outlet, download the Gosund app, control them from anywhere with your smartphone. And you can create a group for all wifi outlets and turn on and off them with a single click.
  • Timer and Schedule Function: Create a customized timer and schedule to automatically power on or off any home electronics and appliances, such as disconnecting the charger from your fully charged phone, setting lights to come on at dusk, or turning off at sunrise, and so on. Reduce energy consumption and save money.
  • Safe and Reliable Smart Plug: The smart plug outlet adopts premium materials and techniques, such as V-0 flame retardant grade thermoplastics, pure copper connects, and advanced PCBA, which can avoid fire hazards and offer overload protection to keep your family safe.
  • Easy and Fast Installation: Simply plug the smart outlet into the wall, connect it to the internet through a Wi-Fi network(only 2.4Ghz), no hub and subscription required. And then wirelessly control home appliances with your phone or voice. You can also share the control with your family and enjoy the convenience of a smart home together.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
works great

Working great. Works with smart life app, Google, and Alexa. I use the timer in smart life to control lights in a turtle tank. Will be great come xmas to control tree lights by timer or by voice or phone.I only wish the you plugged into the side of the device. Once its plugged in it basically moves your outlet 1.5" away from the wall. So plugs stick out pretty far.

Super easy to install and use, and cheaper than wemo

Love these, they’re cheaper and work just as well as wemo switches (maybe better because they don’t disappear and come back all the time). We have two homes and couldn’t do wemo for both homes so we had to go w an alternative and we’re glad we did. Very easy to install but the Easy mode didn’t work. However, the AP mode for installing was super easy. These are much easier to connect to WiFi than wemo in my hands. The Gosund app walks you through both modes. My only nit is that the manual on/off button is on the side, so harder to see and harder to push than the wemo where the button is right in front. Other than that, these are great and cheaper and less clunky than wemo and work as well or better. If they move that button, they will be 5+ stars.

Cory and Kathy
Worked so well I had to buy more!

I initially bought these to replace indoor timers for my Christmas tree, lights, and garland. My old analog timers were difficult to get in sync and could easily get bumped and accidently changed. I set these plugs all up on a routine to automatically turn them all on and off at the exact same time each day. They do not cost much more than timers but then you can also control them by voice with Alexa or Google Home. After Christmas I tried them on our lamps and they are so convenient that I needed to buy another set of plugs! I can now tell my Google mini speaker "good night" and it tells me about tomorrow's weather, what I have on the calendar tomorrow, and now turns off the lights!

Carter Adler
Easy to setup and work as expected

What's to say, they're smart plugs, and they deliver exactly what you'd expect from a smart plug. Setup on the first two went extremely well (easier than I expected, even having setup other smart plugs before), setup on the third took a little fiddling to connect but got there in just a few minutes and without too much trouble. Haven't tried the fourth yet.Once they were set up (I used the Smart Life app) they automatically appeared in the Google Home app, and were easy to add to rooms, etc. Control via Google works great so far, with absolutely no issues to report. 10/10 I'll buy these again if I need more of this sort of smart plug.

Superhero Dad
Happy with my purchase

Works perfect for my wife getting all the lights on in the necessary rooms for our toddlers without any issue. We are able to command them off and on with Alexa using our voice or the timer. She figured that part out and I still have no idea how she did it. Anyway, great product. Set up has almost always required I do the alternate method which is really only tedious because the individual socket has to fail the first way before you can do the second option. Other than that and the occasional reset if it loses power, they have done exactly what I needed them to do and have bought sets for my mother, sister, and a family friend to help them. The minor issues are things I expect with electronics, so it does not warranty removal of a star in my opinion.