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Mini Smart Plugs - 4 Pack

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  • SURGE PROTECTION: Nooie smart plug supports Surge Protection and overload protection, effective absorption of the sudden huge energy, preventing the electronics from irreparable damage. The circuit breaker automatically breaks off when the current exceeds the threshold to protect your home safer.
  • SET SCHEDULE & TIMER: Schedule the Smart Plug to your electronics on or off based on your time routines. Turn on /off the light, fans, heater, and other appliances at a specific time you set on a wifi power strip. You can create a daily or weekly pattern. Share with your family.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love it!!!

I bought a smart plug this year for my pool (which I’m now using for Christmas lights), and decided to get these plugs for my Christmas tree lights. Easy to install! I’m using the Smart Life app. Holding the on button for 5 seconds (with WiFi on), the device was found in a minute. It had one update, and then it was ready to use. I moved it to the Christmas tree, and plugged it in. The plug is called PA10, and I added TREE to the name - I got a 4 pack and plan to use more. Then I set up timers to have the tree on in the morning, off during the day, and on until bedtime. Adding timers is easy- on timer is created for turning it on, and another for turning it off, however many days you like. Smart plugs are awesome!!

Only cover a single plug and super easy to setup!

I was looking for a set of smart plugs to run my christmas lights in the house versus the timer based ones I've used in the past. I found a set of competing ones, got them and they didnt work. Additionally a single unit covered both outlets. I considered this a fail. I found the Nooie plugs at a good deal for a set of four. They only use and cover a single outlet. They connected to my wifi with no issue. They have an on/off button so I can control them remotely or locally. They fit the bill perfectly. I attached one to each string of lights spread around the house. I then added the Nooie app to my phone and the feature to Alexa. I can now control each plug individually or as a group. My wife was a little hesitant to like it until I told Alexa to "Turn on the christmas lights". The entire inside of the house lit up and she was sold. She was so much so that she asked me to order a second set to add more lights to the house. I have since renamed the command to "Turn on string lights" do that we can keep some of the strings up year round. I've been using them for 2 months now and they work great. I'm very happy with them and I am looking forward to trying some of their other products.

Charles Olcott
Super simple setup and works right away

I needed some control over some lighting in a gaming room, and these work perfectly. They set up very quickly, sync to my Google Home account without any issues, and just plain work. Plus, they are some of the few plugs that you can use doubled up in a standard outlet. You can also create your own groups to control multiple plugs at once, which was perfect for what I need. One voice command, and everything I need can turn on at once with no hassle at all. Plus you get additional options like setting the status of the plug in the event of a power outage. This would be perfect for making sure lights come back on after losing power for any length of time, and something that was a pleasant surprise to see as an option.One suggestion I'll make for people who may have a hard time getting them to sync - check your router settings. Some routers set both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios on and with all the same settings, but not all devices work correctly. You'll want to have them separated and make sure you set these on the 2.4GHz wifi connection. It might not effect everyone, but it's something to check (for lots of devices, not just these!)Certainly will be looking to order more soon!

Robert Weigand
Works well but is not nicely integrated with Smart Life app

The switches themselves work just fine. I have had no issues with the smart plugs. The reason I bought them was to control the Christmas decorations inside and outside the house. I already had other smart plugs that worked with the Smart Life app. I added these plugs to the Smart Life app with no problem. The interface for these plugs on the Smart Life app aren't as nice as the other plugs. There is no on/off icon for each plug. One must first tap on the desired plug in the list and then after the more detailed graphics are displayed am I only able to manually turn on/off the plug. Other plug brands have an on/off icon at the top level for each plug. I don't know if each manufacturer has to develop the plug software and give it to the Smart Life app developers or if the Smart Life app developers write the code themselves. Whoever is responsible, they dropped the ball. It is nice to have one app for controlling all plugs and switches. I don't want to have a different app for each smart plug/switch made. That is not productive. I didn't integrate with Alexa. In this electronics age there is enough invasion of privacy without a device constantly monitoring every word spoken in our house.

Worthy R.
Nooie is awesome and will exceed your expectations.

I ordered several varieties of “smart plugs” to see what the differences were and which I liked best. Most were too large and could only plug in one plug per outlet and were limited on what they could do. Nooie’s smart plug is by FAR the best. It is super easy to hook up to WiFi. It’s fully integrated with Alexa, Google, Smart Life, etc. It has a small white power light on the side instead of the front so it doesn’t disturb you. Also, the Nooie app works extremely well. You can schedule on/off multiple times for the same plug and it even has a cool built in “random program” designed to turn on and off sporadically so that would be thieves can’t pinpoint when/if your home. Their packaging was nice. Their customer support even reached out to see if I had any questions or needed any help. Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed with both the company and their products.Note: Since my first purchase of these last November I have bought multiple other sets to use throughout my home and have recommended them to countless friends and family members. Many of which have already purchased and love them as well. In short, just buy Nooie and you’ll be glad you did.