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Smart Bulb with Voice Control - 4 Pack

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  • Compatible with Voice Control: Our smart light bulb works with Alexa Echo, Google Home Assistant, You can turn on/off the smart bulb and change colors and brightness via voice.
  • App Remote Control: You can control the smart bulbs on-off through Siri, Alexa, Google home whether you are at home or away.
  • Rgbcw and Multi-color Smart Bulb: Our RGB cool white and warm white smart bulb creating your favorite light effects with 16 million colors and the brightness of every color is dimmable.
  • Wide Application and Scene System: You can set different light modes on smart life to match various occasions including kitchen, living room, bedroom.
  • Energy Saving: Saves up to 80% energy, lasts longer, and energy saver. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love these bulbs!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I ordered the two-pack and have been thoroughly testing them for a few weeks now. They have held up pretty well and have not failed on me so far. The price on these is pretty reasonable and for the functionalities, you are getting its a steal! The lights are pretty bright and you can control the brightness with ease through the smartlife app which is great since most of my wifi switches and lights are running on the smartlife. The integration with Alexa is very easy just follow the step in the user manual and you will be set up with Alexa in no time.The only thing to watch out for is that this device uses 2.4 GHz only, so it might be a problem if your home network runs on 5 GHz. But most routers nowadays have dual-band on them so you can easily enable the 2.4 GHz to run these light bulbs. Overall really good light bulbs, with great functionalities (Change brightness and colors)

smart bulb

Easy to setup, just follow the instructions. Download the "Smart Life" app and select lighting device. Turn on the bulb, it should start blinking (in case, if it is not blinking, power on and off 3 times, it should start blinking). Select 2.4 Ghz wifi of your home (it works only with 2.4Ghz) and the app will detect the bulbs.If your Alexa is linked to Smart Life app, Alexa will automatically detect the new device. From the Alexa app, you can give appropriate name and control the bulb. You can set colors and schedules from the app.Being using it for past 3 weeks, so far no issues.

Sonny J Lewis
They just work

So I'd been looking for some rgb smart bulbs that worked with both alexa and google assistant. Ran across these and they looked like they'd fit the bill. Setup was super easy once I figured out that I had to use the Smart Life app from the app store to set them up. Some people have complained of an inability to reconnect to them after setting up, but I haven't experienced any issues like that and I suspect their issues have to do with their wifi networks--ive got one optimized specifically for 2.4ghz smart devices.They respond very fast to the button control in the app, and also very fast to google assistant requests, so I'm quite happy with them! They even reconnected right away after a 2 hour power failure, which surprised me since some of my other devices took about 15 minutes to get connected. All and all I'm quite happy with how they work and they set the mood nicely.

Living at Sea Level
Outstanding Customer Service

Although I had to arrange for a replacement which can happen with any product or manufacturer, the people at Peteme were amazing to work with. They were very responsive to my first email, followed up quickly and thoroughly, expedited a replacement, staying in communication day and night to be sure I was satisfied. With this level of service, I would happily buy this product again and other products from Peteme. This is a rare and satisfying encounter with the manufacturer. I find too many others making communication difficult, no phone numbers, not responsive. These guys are champs at making the customer happy.

Works smoothly with Alexa, great price, easy to set up.

I'm usually quite hesitant to purchase something - especially something electronic - by a brand name I don't recognize. But the price point on this pair of smart light bulbs was so good that I couldn't resist and I'm really glad that I did. I expect I will be ordering more soon.First - be sure to read the very clear instructions before just screwing these in and expecting them to work with your smart home. It was NOT complicated and the directions were very clear. I had my Alexa home unit operating these bulbs immediately by following the directions.While I own a lot of smart home items (including more than 15 light bulbs) this is my first set of color-changing bulbs. It works so smoothly! I can tell Alexa to change it to any color of my choice, or I can open the app on my phone and get more specific with my color choices.I currently have these bulbs in my outdoor sconces. Most people have told me that they wouldn't work in the cold (I live in Minnesota) but I have not had any problems to date.I really like being able to turn these on from my car (thanks to the Alexa Auto) as I approach the house. And for the Christmas holiday I have them red and green. For Halloween I had them purple and orange. I used to change my bulbs for the holiday. Now I don't have to.I highly recommend these bulbs if you are looking for a color-changing smart bulb for you smart home. It works really well with the Alexa units.