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Smart Bulbs - 4 Pack

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  • MULTICOLOR & WHITE Dimmable 16 million colors and warm to cool whites (2700K-6500K). Just create your favorite light effects and adjust the brightness as needed. Great for Christmas parties, special occasions, and as a nightlight, these bulbs will add a touch of color to any setting.
  • LIGHTS DANCE TO YOUR FAVORITE SONGS Personalize your RGBCW light with more than 16 million colors and a monochrome palette. Our smart bulbs can change colors according to the rhythm of the music melody. For example, sync lights to the beat of any song at the crazy party or indulge in a candlelight dinner with your beloved.
  • REMOTE CONTROL Control the light from anywhere with your smartphone using the Smart Life APP/Treatlife APP. Enjoy the freedom of being able to control your smart home lighting from anywhere, whether you are in your cozy bed, in the office, or on vacation. You can create schedules, monitor real-time light status, share devices, and even control a group of lights in your house with a tap of the phone screen. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Only (not 5GHz). FCC Certification.
  • HOME AUTOMATION WITH SCHEDULING Set lights according to the sunrise, sunset to create a smart home. Reduces stress by picking your favorite color from 16 million colors and multiple lighting modes to suit your lifestyle with the timer function.



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Believe me you wont regret adding these bulbs to your smart home.

I love these dimmable bulbs. They eliminate the need for a dimmer switch, plug, or expensive bridge system like that need for the Phillips Hue system that I spent way too much on. These bulbs are a great choice to start building up your smart home device collection with, or an addition to your established collection. I wish I knew about treat life products before I started with the Homekit Siri nonsense. Alexa performs all the same functions only better, and the integration of these dimmer bulbs and all of the treat life products in general are so much easier and cost efficient than the expensive, unreliable stuff that Apple home kit wants you to use.Believe me you wont regret adding these bulbs to your smart home.

Fun for the whole family!

I am in love with these bulbs. Super easy integration with Alexa. Super easy to setup. The kids enjoy putting them in music mode (putting the phone next to the music) and having dance parties! I personally enjoy the ability to set schedules and have them change color as the evening moves on to trigger me to retire for the night or to wake me up gently in the morning.Smart Things app was just updated and it is even easier to play with!

Great bulbs. Easy to setup, bright and colorful!

I'm in the process of swapping out all of my $60 Hue Bulbs and I found this company recently--Treatlife. I now have most of the house swapped over with their bulbs for a FRACTION of the price (they only cost $1.08 per year to run at 3 hours a day). They are 60W and can do warm/cool or fully colored lighting over a span of 16 million colors. They work perfectly via the Google Home app, or Alexa, or, the Smartlife App if you prefer. Everything this company puts out is professional (the packaging & instruction pamphlets especially) is TOP NOTCH, looks great and works as advertised. I also have some other stuff from them including smart light switches and ambient TV lighting. There is simply no reason to buy anything else. BRAVO TREATLIFE!

Richard Luxenberg
Nice bright colorful smart bulbs

Color changing bulbs may be gimmicky, but I'm using these in my kids rooms and they love them. Especially with the integration with Google Assistant, so they can simply say "Hey Google, change lights to blue". The don't require a hub, but keep in mind that you will want to install these on a switch that can stay on all the time, otherwise you won't be able to turn the bulbs on with the app because they need constant power to keep the wifi connection. This is the case with all smart wifi bulbs, so don't let that deter you. Also, maybe it's my imagination, but these bulbs seem brighter than other 800 lumen non smart bulbs.

Kevin Jackson
Easy to set up and a fair price

These were easy to set up with the app and easy to get working with Alexa. Since they are all on the same switch, I simulated turning them off and on (to get them connected to the app first) by tightening and loosening (turning them on and off). Dimming and brightening is very easy. And, if you accidentally turn off the switch at the wall, you just turn it back on again - it keeps the connection.