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4L Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice Recorder

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  • Flexible Timed Feeding: No more pre-dawn wake-up calls, or worrying when you stay out overnight
  • Suitable Capacity: This 4L / 16.9cup cat feeder automatic consistently provides food for your cat and dog smoothly for a couple of days, assuring you that it'll stay full and happy when you're out for a short vacation or work long hours as well as come with a desiccant bag to keep food fresh. (Search "B08NVBYQHV" for replacement)
  • Dual Power Supply: Use the 5V DC adapter while sustaining the auto cat feeder power via 3 alkalines D-cell batteries(not included) installed in case of power outages, ensure that your pet gets food consistently. (Equipped with setting memory to prevent sudden power failure)
  • Voice Recorder: Stay connected with your pet by recording a ten-second clip of your voice that will be played during feedings.
  • Easy to Use & Maintain: The Auto dog feeder has a built-in LCD screen allows for quick setup and the FEED button for additional feedings; Proper angle so that food will not accumulate in the food outlet, and food tank and tray are removable for cleaning.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tree Butcher
(UPDATE: stopped working, then started again) Easy to set up, easy to use, kitty is happy

UPDATE: After cleaning it out, and a day later, the device started dispensing food again and has been working since. The customer service of the manufacturer has offered to replace it. I am holding off on that while we see if it continues to work fine. No known cause or obvious defect. The hopper just seemed to have stopped for a short while. Otherwise, this device is wonderful.UPDATE : This product stopped dispensing food. The audible portion still works, but the rotation of the dispenser no longer moves any food to the bowl. I will adjust this upon receiving feedback from the manufacturer.In order to write a meaningful review on this product, I wanted to wait a few weeks. This is the first time I've had an auto-feeding system. I can tell you that my only regret is not doing this sooner. The cat has a regular, portioned (which is totally configurable) meal schedule now. The "reminders" about a meal are no longer.On top of this product being easy to set up and use, the overall design of this feeder is pleasing to the eye. The audio recording of her "servant's" own voice telling the cat that it is time for feeding is a wonderful feature.

Richard Chambers
Works well though am using my own circular glass bowl

This is the first automatic cat feeder I've ever purchased and am thinking of buying a second one of these. I'm using this one to provide a way of scheduling out a series of small meals for my overweight cat during the early morning.I bought this one due to the price and the size. I didn't want any features such as cell phone monitoring.I found the programming interface a bit confusing at first. It is simple enough however which button to push when along with having to start over if you waited too long made it a bit cumbersome. The instruction booklet made it fairly clear and I really should have started with it. Lol.My first programming was to schedule two early morning feedings, 4am and 6am with one portion each so that I would not be awakened by a cat begging to be fed. It has worked great for that. I put enough dry food into the hopper for about three days as I don't want it to go stale. It seems to work with the single portion even with the food hopper floor barely covered.During the day, I normally feed both cats a couple of meals while I oversee to make sure that the overweight cat isn't sneaking more than she should. I just drop dry kibble into her bowl.My cat did have a bit of confusion about the white plastic food bowl so I replaced it with her normal circular glass bowl with the device. The food rattles out and into the bowl just fine with a portion barely covering the bottom. The single portion works great for my needs.Once my cat learned the sound of the dry food landing into the bowl, a nice crystalline tinkle, she shows up when the food drops.The hopper separates from the bottom containing the electronics so is easy to clean.

Laura ramirez
Broken machine

I've been feeding it for about a week, and I was a little frustrated at first because I set it up to feed it four times a day, 24 hours a day.One at 00:00, one at 06:00, one at 12:00, and one at 18:00.Although Every day I find my bowl full of food, this is not supposed to happen according to the portion size I set.So I stayed up late to find that at 00:00 the feed feeder dumped the food into the bowl until the overflow sensor kicked it off.This did not occur after changing the feeding time and removing the 00:00 feeding. Correct portion size.Overall, this is a super simple setup and surprisingly easy to use.I would definitely recommend it

Hannah Isabella

I’m not kidding, this is the best purchase I’ve ever made!I bought this in September 2020, so I’ve had it for 6 months now, and it works perfectly still. I have not had any issue with it. We have a cat who would literally scream every time we fed her, claw our hands while we put food in her bowl, and torture us if we were late to feed her. Our lives were being dictated by an orange ball of fur.Now we have none of that! We have it set for 4x’s a day, a total of 3/4 cup for the day. Each portion is 2 1/2 teaspoons so our portions are 4, 3, 3 and 4 for a total of 35 teaspoons, which is 3/4 cup. Getting the portions figured out is kind of difficult. I just turned the amount of cups I needed into teaspoons online then divided from there.Another thing I have seen in other reviews is that the top doesn’t lock, which my cat hasn’t figured out but if she ever did I would just tape it down or add some Velcro type of thing and it would be fine. This feeder is still worth having if that’s your only issue!Our cat enjoys this just as much as we do. She gets fed regularly and doesn’t have to wait on us. We get to sleep peacefully without her waking us up to be fed. Her food anxiety has gone down. When we go on vacation we don’t have to worry about her food situation. Definitely 10/10 for this feeder! I recommend to everyone and I would buy this over and over again!

Tania Garcia
Read the instructions!

As a worker in veterinary medicine, I thought I knew the best way to care for my animals but I'm constantly learning from my mistakes! My cute tubby boi Elliot use to be free fed to munch whenever he pleased but I noticed he started developing mats and gaining some weight after 2yrs of free feeding! After doing some research and asking around I realized it was time to put my handsome loaf of bread on a diet! This automatic feeder is perfect! The instructions told me everything on setting it up and even recommendations for portion and meal times! It's great for me because I work 12hr shifts and can't always be home to feed him at the right times! I thought the portion sizes the feeder gave out was very small amounts so I chose my own size that I thought would work best for my baby. However, I was proven wrong after seeing his food starting to pile up and I gave up and put the recommended amount they stated and now he eats the full amount every time my recorded voice pops up! It's hard putting your babies on portion control for food but I know it's for his health and he is already losing some weight as well as saving me money on food! I love this automatic feeder and their company is really friendly when answering my emails, thank you to you guys from me and my (now slimmer) ladies man, Elliot!