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6W Smart Bulb - 6 Pack

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  • Top Rated A19 WiFi LED Smart Bulb (no hub, works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network)
  • APP - Sunco's user-friendly app allows you to control the smart bulb remotely on your smartphone or tablet, no hub required. Control the smart bulbs individually or create different groups to control in unison. Use the timer to set a light schedule to turn bulbs on/off to accommodate any schedule.
  • CHANGE COLORS - Our WiFi LED smart bulbs to let you pick from all the colors of the rainbow in addition to the classic CCT (2700K-5000K) color temperatures. Music sync takes your ambiance to the next level by changing color with the beat of your favorite song.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Erza Suzanne
Great bulbs, worth every penny!

Great bulbs.. I have been using sunco led bulbs and extremely satisfied with quality and warranty (customer service). These color changing Wi-Fi bulbs have exceeded my expectations in shape for form and functionality. Change colors and turn on/off using your smart phone or Alexa app. Helped me with control one of the high light fans. I only had one on off switch for the fan and light and this was an easy fix to turn off the light while keeping the fan on.

Few kinks.... But overall super awesome!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. It's a great deal to get so many lights in one package. I needed five lightbulbs to completely outfit my room so having this sixth as a backup for this price was a steal!Overall they’re great quality! Tons of color options, you can choose between different shades of white for the lights, and there’s even options to create preset lighting schemes!Integration with Alexa was super smooth and she even captured all of the names of my individual lightbulbs and presets, so I can tell her to turn one light on or even all five! It takes a second to get used to the language you need for the Alexa skill, but past that it’s a breeze!I have just a few cons from the whole experience;The only con of the product itself is the directions are a little hard to follow and seemingly has some broken English, but read carefully and also follow the directions alongside the Smart Life app and it shouldn’t take more than 10-20 minutes to set up.The rest of the cons are all with the App itself. It has a few limitations such as the WiFi it can connect to. It has to be a 2.5g WiFi source or it won’t connect, so trying to it to connect with my 5g WiFi was a little difficult. Also I tried using the sync to music feature once and the app completely crashed and I had to delete/redownload and reinstall the lights a few times to bring it back to life. I have not since attempted for fear of unsyncing my whole room again.Overall I give this product an 8.5/10. Super happy with my purchase!

Great for use in table lamps

I use these in each room and love the ability to set the brightness level and warmth. Easy to set up if you follow the instructions. I set it up with their Smart Life app then went to Alexa, loaded the Smart Life skill and everything works well. One piece of advice. Make sure you close the Smart Life app when using the Alexa app. Seems to me it can create some confusion with the connection to the bulb.

Dull in color mode, great in most else.

A bit dull in color mode, but in white it's very bright. It was a pain to get connected the first time because my phone couldn't find all of them so I had to repeatedly search for them until they all came up. So I basically did one at a time except for 2 of them. But now that they're connected they work really well. They have alot of good features like flashing different colors, ability to automatically turn off when you leave and turn on when you return home using your GPS location, and ability to set timers. They're a little larger and heavier than ordinary LED's, but that's to be expected. Unfortunately there is no option to change the color of all of them at once within the app, you have to do it individually or use Google home/ Alexa. The music sync does not sync to the music hardly at all. It's just random flashes. Only one bulb can do music sync at a time, which was disappointing.All-in-all I like these lights. It is a good light if you're looking for something cheap, but if you're serious about going all out I would recommend a different brand like Philips hue.

Robotica Industries
Great smart lights

Great light bulbs to turn your room into a smart room. These are really nice lights. Really easy to set up with your Alexa. I like how easy it was to hook up. I ended up using the bulbs in my bedroom and now all the lights work together. I really like how you can change the color and color temp which is pretty cool. Great lights if you want to set up a smart room.