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Compact Smart Plugs with Timer Function - 4 Pack

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  • Compact Design with Safety Use: Our 15 A smart plugs Fcc certified with compact design, avoid covering another wall socket. It uses Pc V0 class flame retardant materials. 100~240V available voltage range supports small or large power home appliances while adds security for high-power appliances especially in the lightning weather
  • Control From Everywhere: Control your electronics by your way anywhere anytime. Turn on or off your air conditioning, heater, and other appliances at any time with your smartphone on the Gosund App, no matter you are at home, in your office, or on your vacation.
  • Schedule and Timer: Get ready to have a smart home and create a customized schedule to automatically turn on and off any home Electronics or appliances such as lamps, Christmas Lighting, coffee maker, etc
  • Easy Installation with Great Support: Only need WIFI (2.4G) and one smartphone, you could star the smart control with your appliances. The user manual will guide you step by step to set up (less than 10 mins). 

Customer Reviews

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Amanda jobin
Easy easy easy

I hate smart stuff.Its nornally a hassle and is dumb and i fear its spying on me.At some point i decided my phone was doing that anyway and bought a few echo dots when they were on sale.My family rejoiced. The house is often filled with music. I was even talked into buying one for the solar setup we have in the back yard. If you dont have echo dot, get one of those.These plugs were easy to set up. Living in a 200 year old house presents special challenges, for example there is a one directional switch for the room up stairs. Meaning someone else needed to turn off the light at the bottom of the stairs if you werent prepared to go up the stairs in the dark. For a long time, this was solved with a pull chain light.However, once the idea of adding smart plugs to lamps and lights came up, it was the one thing that it took to sell me on it.And the concept of starting a coffee maker when i want it started remotely as my schedule doesnt always flow the same day to day.I was worried set up would be horrible.I had used wifi cameras before and hated those.The gosund app was easy and straightforward. After setup of the first device, it automatically filled out the information for each additional device. Then it was just about naming them and enabling the skill on the alexa app.My old farm house feels like its a holodeck on startrek at this point.I do recommend.

Robin NYC
Super easy

Super easy to install. I am going slowly on the home automation thing. I have these in my second home. I rather control via the outlets so i can redeploy (e.g. instead of chucking out burned out light bulbs). I have used for: bedroom lamps (so I don’t have to get out of bed to turn off); instant hot water tap and air purifier (so i can turn on when i am driving up); and for bathroom alexa (so i only have one alexa running unless i am using the others).The 4 stars for ease of use is because i picked this shape so the device wouldn’t block me from using the other socket. I always place in the bottom socket to make the remaining socket as easy as possible to use. Where i have a four-socket outlet, it is pretty tight. I haven’t tried renaming/redeploying the outlets. But when they come out with more compact devices i will be trying that.

Simple setup once you have the app installed

This 4 pack was easy to install. Install the Gusund app on your phone, and the Gosund skill on your Alexa account. Then, simply plug each module in, register it with the Gosund app, and it will become instantly available for your Echo devices to control. On one of the plug modules, I had to run the registration process twice, as the device was not recognized when first starting up.A really nice feature is that if you change the name of a device, Alexa will be automatically updated with that new device name. You can add them to Alexa groups, or control them by name. Even a partial fit will work - if you have a plug named "TV Room bookcase", saying "Alexa, turn off bookcase" will work. This points to excellent integration via the Alexa skill.We're really enjoying these first modules in our TV room.Have now ordered the 4 pack of multicolored lights Gosund also offers - no hub required and 1/3 the price of Phillips Hue bulbs (~$8.25 at the time I am posting). We'll see if they work out as well, but this experience encouraged me to try them out.

Set and Forget - Let google do all the work

We ordered some of these to use with wall mounted CD players in our kids rooms. Previously, we had them on outlets with a remote. This is a big improvement. I don't have to find the remote, or even think about turning them on or off - google and these outlets handle it all. When I got them, I just plugged them in, used the suggested app to connect to them on my phone, then opened the google home app and easily added them there as well. Once added to the google home app, I was able to uninstall the other app with no issues to the function of the outlets. I was able to schedule when they go on and off and can also tell google to turn them on or off at other times. Most of the time I forget about them since there haven't been any problems and they have turn on and off every day at the right time for the past month. I had an extra, so I used it for a light we have and it hasn't had any issues either. I love when things are easy to set up and don't have any problems! Makes my life simpler. :)P.S. I like that I they don't block the other outlet from being used with a regular plug. But, you can't have two of these on one outlet box - they are too big to both fit.

Best Choice Ever!! These are great!

I’m so glad I picked these. They are so easy to set up. I was worried if they would stay connected to my WIFI but they did! When installing make sure you connect to your 2.4. I have dual bands since I use Verizon. I named both bands different. So it was easy to find my 2.4. Once I found it I connected quickly. I added it to my Alexa devices and it works seamlessly. I purchased these plugs so I could turn on the lights for my dog that is going blind. He can follow light and this makes it easy for me to turn on the lights if I’m out late when the sun goes down.