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Dog Training Collar - Up to 2600 FT

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  • 5 adjustable, safe and efficient training modes. Beep, light, 0 to 99 levels vibration, 0 to 99 levels shock, and key lock mode.
  • Waterproof dog electric collar. The training collar receiver is ip68 waterproof, perfect for your pets to swimming and playing games outside
  • 3 channels maximum control. Slopehill dog training collar supports a maximum of 3 dogs training with only 1 remote transmitter.
  • Long remote range and battery life. Both the remote the receiver are rechargeable. Wireless control for up to 850 yards remote range.
  • Size adjustable collar strap, length from 8 to 26inches, fits dogs from 5 to 140 lbs


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

This is the second time I've bought one of these collars! Only because I lost the remote to the last one and we can't go without it!This stays on our Weimaraner all the time. We went by the training manual and he learned by just the "beep" that the collar provides, that what he's doing needs to stop and he comes right back to us. We started by beeping first and then a small shock or vibrate until he learned the beep alone. Our dog stays off leash a lot and this helps him stay nearby us as well as correcting bad behavior without me having to yell at him.WE LOVE THIS COLLAR and we've recommended it to all of our friends.


I needed something to help train my pup. She is very hyper and has a hard time responding to some of my commands. I say she is a pup because she is under a year old. She learns very quickly, however, she is quite stubborn at times. I did a lot of research and came across several several websites that highly recommend using a shock collar for training purposes. I located this one on and decided I would give it a try. I am not disappointed in m y purchase. It comes very neatly packed. Easy to follow instructions. It even goes into depth on how and when you should use the vibration/shock options. The remote is small enough to fit perfectly in your hand. Easy to use buttons. I tried the vibration on myself before putting it on my pup, from the lowest setting to highest, it is enough to grab your attention. I hit the shock button on the remote by accident and it sent a small jolt. I had it on the lowest level. I would not recommend using a high voltage unless absolutely necessary. I did put is on my pup and tried the vibration on her when she started to act up a little bit and would not listen to me, it grabber her attention real quick. I used level 1, it was enough. I know that this is going to help me train her so she becomes a well behaved dog.

This training collar works very well

I have had 2 of these collars. This collar works on my very curious 65 golden/great pyr mix who has the tendency to run off into the woods in search of who knows what. The beeper has just one volume and it's loud enough for me to hear when he's 10-15' in front of/behind me. The vibrate and shock can both be tweeked from 1-99 range. The latter is quite strong so I recommend you start low and move up if necessary. Bonus feature: a white light on the hand remote, and a white light on the collar receiver for when you are walking in the dark. There are 3 channels in case you have 3 dogs with these collars, but I don't know that I could keep them all straight under those circumstances.. The 2nd hand remote has been updated with an on/off slide. I'm not sure I'll need this. I take the collar off the dog at night and put both the remote and receiver on the charging cable so they're always good to go. Even when I forget the charge lasts a least a couple of days. Wish the cable was a little longer. It's not long enough to rest the collar/remote on a counter, so they hang. But that's not a big deal for me. They are light enough to stay together and do not pull off cable.

Anna C.
Overall quality collar

Purchased this e collar because many professional dog trainers use it. I appreciate the options that it has including the 3 settings vibration, sound, and the shock, as well as an additional light feature. Other collars do not typically have the light. This set also comes with two collar options, which is a great plus!I tested the shock setting on the thickest portion of my palm before trying it at all on my English bulldog, and it is manageable.The instruction manual has good tips on training and usage of the collar, but it takes additional more research to fully train your dog.The collar enters sleep mode pretty quickly, which is understandable to conserve battery power. However, you can easily exit sleep mode by pressing a button on your remote.Great overall and I’m happy with my purchase!

Shawna Nicole
Works great. Very pleased.

I like how the remote idles until you activate it, and being able to charge them instead of replacing batteries all the time. The plus for me is the remote alone, other automatic training collars that activate on sound usually inconsistently/randomly go off, where as with this I control everything. What I like most is being able to use it in stages:: the sound, vibration, and shock all in this one item, because it has been so EFFECTIVE to teach him that the beep warns that next is the vibrate, then after vibrate he knows is shock next. With all these steps it works!! Just after two tries with the shock I have yet to even need to go past vibrate now because he has learned that quickly already what the steps are. He has always barked at every little car that passed or everytime someone came home even, just barked at everything in general. Now i can beep him if he hears something unimportant and he will already start ignoring it. He picked up so quickly from this that I am pleased, as nothing else I have tried could ever snap him out of "bark mode" except this....