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Smart Door Lock with Touchscreen Keypad - Matte Black

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  • Fingerprint-resistant, capacitive touchscreen with easy one-touch locking. Optional voice control offers hands-free convenience when using voice-enabled products
  • Built-in alarm technology senses potential security breaches at the lock, while the low battery indicator offers an advanced warning for battery replacement
  • Easy to install with just a screwdriver. Unique snap n stay technology snaps the deadbolt onto the door so both hands are free during installation


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Steve S.
Top of the Line Tech + DIY Install Simplicity

I bought and installed this lock and the matching handle set for my daughter so that she could use the app and keypad features to manage access to her home by a roommate, UPS and the occasional cat sitter. I read the reviews, watched the YT videos and decided to pop for the Encode model over the Sense version for the WiFi integration. The installation of the lock was super easy as she has a steel entry door and jam that the previous owner had installed by a clearly competent contractor. The Encode replaced a standard single cylinder Schlage deadbolt that was fine but the possible number of key copies that had been made concerned me. The handle set installation was a bit more complicated and required an extra set of hands to complete. My wife came along with me to “supervise” and she liked the capabilities and the appearance so much, I’ll be buying another one for our front door.

Initial experience is excellent!

Super easy to install, substantial construction, easy to program, easy to set up app (Schlage Home app), easy to connect with Alexa. Can operate the lock via the keypad, the app, or Alexa. After reading some of the app reviews i was leery as the reviews seemed to be about 50/50 but my experience was seamless. I installed this on my mothers door as she is elderly, has a hard time with keys and isnt highly mobile. She can now check her Nest cam to see whos at the door and unlock the door using Alexa without having to walk across the living room. Sometimes at night she worries that she may have forgotten to lock the door. The delay lock feature is extremely useful in this case and she can always ask Alexa to lock the door if shes concerned. There is a firmware update that I intstalled immediately, perhaps this helped alleviate some of the problems I saw reported with the app. Not cheap at all but again, my experience has been excellent thus far.

Amazing and dead easy to use.

Absolutely in love with it. I already had a schlage dead bolt so installing this literally took 10 minutes. I didn't want this to be used with its own key so I made sure to re-key it the same as my other door. Other than that it was dead simple to install and dead simple to set up on wireless using the schlage app. I just wish you could unlock the door with Google. I love getting the alerts when people use their code to go into my house. In love with this and plan on buying one for my side garage entry...

Seems like a solid piece of hardware but pricey

This lock is of good quality. I got a new door installed today and decided to get a smart lock.The initial price is a bit expensive.I had a handy man install this. And it took maybe 5 minutes.It's very easy for a user to swap out the batteries as well.Initial setup was a breeze. And within minutes I had full control of my lock.The app is a great companion to this device. I use the Android version on my Galaxy S10 5G. And it's very fluid.It comes with only one physical key, so I suggest making duplicates as soon as possible. I feel like they could of included at least 2 or 3 in the box to be honest.Besides the app , you can use the touch keypad. You can have up to 100 different codes. Which you add in the app. It illuminates at night so the numbers are clear.It has a built in alarm which I haven't tested yet. There are various settings for it to be triggered. Such as forced entry. You can also configure the sensitivity of the alarm.I bought the matching handle which costed $100. It just looks good when it matches.Case in point, Schlage has been one of the best in the lock sector. And I completely trust them. The ability to unlock and lock your door from anywhere is fantastic. I will enjoy this for hopefully many years to come.

Very secure, easy to use, flexible programming, and with the invaluable key access.

This is a great lock. Pros: mechanically it is robust, integration with home WiFi is easy, using the app to manage access codes is easy, lots flexibility to customize levels of security and times of access, a great lock for short term rental or service worker access, works with an old school key, good warranty, excellent tech support. Cons: on a dark night, with no artificial light, on a black door, the screen is totally black and the first touch to activate backlight may register a a false number for the code, so the lock doesn't turn. Installation care must be taken to make sure the deadbolt slides in and out full travel without dragging on the latch plate or the battery life and motor life will be lessened. Finally, the lock may be programmed either by the keypad or with the app. You cannot switch between methods without resetting to factory reset. Reliability of WiFi may dictate best way to program.