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Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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  • With a tangle-free pet hair care technology, focuses on picking up hairs, dirt, debris on hard floors
  • Low profile design to clean under beds, furniture where dirt hides. Ideal for hardwood, tile, laminate, or stone.
  • Self-charging, programmable schedule, smart sensors for anti-bump and anti-fall. Runtime 90-100 mins
  • Easy operation with remote control, or one-touch auto clean button on the robot.
  • Tip: For easy maintenance, empty the dustbin and clean the filter after each use. Replace filter every month.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
1 Year Review: The battery is shot.

Edit: Just wanted to post a 1 year review. Herbie is officially out of commission. He runs for about 30 minutes and then just dies as his battery no longer lasts. He doesn't pass go or collect $200 :( He just starts cleaning the house and then dies and I have to carry him back to his home. The manufacturer warranty only covers the battery for 6 months. Luckily I have the squaretrade warranty and will go about filing a claim with them and see how it goes!===========================================================I've always wanted a robotic vacuum but never wanted to spend several hundred on one. When this guy went on sale on president's day, I decided to give it a try. My girlfriend named him Herbert Hoover. He goes by Herbie for short. He's been vacuuming my house for 6 days and so far I'm very impressed.The first few days, I thought he was an idiot. He got stuck under my dresser for 30 minutes and then got stuck under the kitchen chair for another 20 minutes. He would suck up a bit of the curtain and would be unable to move. The poor guy would just give up on life and start beeping at me to rescue him.On day 4, he had a good enough lay of the land to stop getting stuck. Also, I learned I needed to adjust a few things to ensure he doesn't suck up cords/curtains. Instead of mindlessly bumping into the walls and coffee table and other obstacles, he would stop and turn proactively. He knew where the edges of the hallway were and would go down it and back and go into the bedrooms. So if you're wondering if your robot vacuum is "special" the first week, give it some time to map your house to its internal memory.On Sunday, I slept in but Herbie woke up at 9am and started vacuuming my room. When I rolled out of bed, I heard him bumping into my bedroom door. I opened it up for him and he had already given up and went back to the living room. I thought I'd have to physically move him to my bedroom, but after 10-15 minutes he went down the hall and tried again. So yes, he appears smart enough to even know where doors are and that they may sometimes be shut.All in all, I feel it was a good purchase. He's already sucked up more dirt than I ever dreamed was on my floors. Now that he's running daily, there's not too much in his dirt trap but still an impressive amount to collect. I'm a single guy who lives alone with no pets and never realized how much dirt just accumulates daily.His average run time is 1.5-2 hours and he's made it to his base every time after the cleaning session is over to recharge. I've read other reviews who said his average lifespan may be a bit short so I purchased the 3 year square trade warranty which was also on sale for President's day. Hopefully, I won't need it but better safe than sorry :) I will update this review in a few months with how Herbie's doing!

This thing sucks! And that’s a good thing.

This thing sucks and that’s exactly what I was looking for. We have two large cats and a large dog and would have tumble weeds everyday on our first floor which is all hardwood with a couple large area rugs. We could vacuum everyday and the hair just keeps on coming. I wondered if a robot vacuum could handle the volume of pet hair and was also worried about the hair wrapping around the bristles like on my Dyson vacuums which I frequently have to clear out. So I decided to give this one a try as the cost was low for a robot vacuum and it did not have bristles (it just sucks).Once we got him (yeah we named him) we charged him and let him loose. We’ve had him for a couple weeks now and the little guy is tenacious. I work from home and he is set to go out every day at 10am and then he runs for about 1.5 hours and then goes back to his home. I empty him out and run him again around 3. Then I run him again before I head up for bed. Every time he comes back full even though I do not see hair flying around any more. We have a big first floor so although he goes to the same places sometimes I feel like it just keeps up with the constant hair that I know is constantly falling off the pets.Cleaning is pretty simple. That’s the only human intervention required with the occasional time he has got stuck on something. You do need to keep cords and items like bag straps and anything that he could run over and get stuck on off the floor. If you do that, I have not had any issue with him moving around furniture, chairs, etc. He also moves easily over area rugs.With the price point I hope he has durability. I purchased the protection plan for a low cost so that covers any machanical failures for next 4 years.For hardwood floors this thing works as advertised and for the price it should be a no brainer.BTW, we named him Stu. (Sucks things up)�

J. Cross
My guys!

Had the 1st one for less than a week before I ordered the second. They have changed my life.First the cons. None of which, by the way, put me off ordering another obviously.The dirt bin could be bigger. I have a husky / lab mix which translates into unbelievable amounts of loose hair especially come summer (as well as everything she collects in her fur no matter the season).They did attempt suicide by launching right off the transitions into the den and dining room (1 step depth) so I just shift stuff around that I want out their way anyway to give them something to bump into as a barrier. I would be very careful if you have stairs. I could see them going end over end right on down to ground floor. Lastly, if you want to be picky, they do NOT know the way home. At least my 2 can't find home base from 3 ft away while pointed in the right direction. Again, that's no big deal to me as I don't run them when I'm not home or at night. I let them loose in other rooms while I'm doing something elsewhere then shift them to the next room and so on. Then I just grab them up, empty their bins and pop them on their base for next time. It could make a big difference to some though.Now the pros. Personally I like that there's no roller / brush. My hair is fairly long and the dog's isn't especially short either so there's no worry about wrapping around a roller. I only have some throw rugs so deep cleaning carpet isn't called for and so, no need for the brush.They're quiet. I've never had a robo vac of any kind before but was surprised how quiet.Low profile. They get under most everything I need them to.And over. Matter of fact the little turds are like tanks. Their wheels are kinda like offroad truck tires and it's amazing what they can get over but it helps them get out of trouble too when they get stuck.The other brands I looked at had 1 set of "whiskers" only on one side. These have 2 (1 on each side) which means it sweeps debris in toward the suction from both sides. They're long too so they seem to do an excellent job up against baseboards.It's amazing to walk through the house and have barefoot worthy floors as long as I'm running them regularly.The true test was being able to mop the white ceramic tile (ugh) in the kitchen and there were no leftover bits of hair for the mop to glop up and leave like it can be if you miss a spot vacuuming.So... with the understanding that I'm a newbie robo vac owner who is smitten, I can recommend highly if you take into account the cons I listed above.As to durability we'll have to see. I hope they last forever.

University Doc
So happy with this purchase! Highly recommend!

12/10/20: Love this little robot so much that I purchased another one!12/2/20: We figured out what happened on 11/6/20. Whatever you do, don't unplug it while it's in the charging base. It resets and loses its charge, which is what happened. Hence, it didn't last as long when vacuuming. All is well since we figured that out. This is our new best friend.11/6/20 UPDATE: After nearly a week of regular scheduled use, today it vacuumed for nearly an hour then surprisingly returned to the battery dock. Hopefully, this isn't something going bad now. We'll see and will update again, as necessary! Mind you all week it vacuumed two hours straight each day without retuning to the charging dock. What happened today?Initial REVIEW: I've wanted a robot vacuum for a few years now but could never bring myself to spend a few hundred dollars for a vacuum with mixed reviews. This one, however caught my eye because 1) it was made especially for picking up animal hair, 2) it was an daily deal 3) and it was a decent price.We've had it four days so far and have used it every day, both on manual cleaning mode and on scheduled mode. This was a worthwhile purchase that I don't have a regret making. It really works great on bare floors and really does pick up animal hair and cat litter. It even works on thin throw rugs. Not so well on thicker throw and bathroom rugs, but I knew that going in. It will never replace a big manual vacuum but it does cut down on our vacuuming every day which we had to do. The suction is powerful. Watch out for hanging drapes and toys. One good pro is if it can't vacuum over something it will automatically shut itself off.One CON is is our house with two large dogs and two cats even with regular vacuuming we did this thing needs regular emptying of the filter cup every twenty minutes to keep it working strongly to pick up everything.Easy to use and empty out. Our two dogs and cats don't pay it any mind. Though on the first day one cat and one dog were leery of it. Noise is minimal, lower in volume than a cordless and large upright vacuum. Highly recommend!Another con with ours anyway is that it does NOT automatically go back to the charging station when it runs low. Is that a defect?

THX Designer
Why spend the money on the popular brand?

Always looking for a deal - I found this on Prime Day for $119. The deal was so good I figured it was worth a try. Or previous robot vacuum experience was not impressive. The $300 unit clogged at the first sign of pet hair and was constantly getting stuck. This little thing is awesome. We let it run loose every morning and it does a great job picking up on our hardwood floors. It will even run on our ultra deep area rugs but gets stuck easily there. Since those are nearly impossible for any vacuum were not concerned. Otherwise, this is an awesome deal and I cant imagine what the $400-$600 unit can do better - save for an app that is nearly useless. YOU CANT GO WRONG WITH THIS!!!!