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Smart Door Lock with Touchscreen Keypad

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  • Your Finger is the Key: Smart Lock fingerprint door lock recognizes your fingerprint in just 0.3 seconds and unlocks your door in 1 second, much faster than fumbling for your keys.
  • Control From Anywhere: With its all-new Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control Smart Lock from absolutely anywhere via the eufy Security app.
  • Always Has Your Back: Even when you're in a hurry, Smart Lock is ready to protect your home. A built-in sensor detects when your door is closed and locks it automatically behind you, every single time.
  • Multiple Ways to Unlock: Open Smart Lock using your fingerprint, with your phone via the eufy Security app, or by using the keypad or key.
  • Built to Last: With a sturdy zinc alloy and stainless steel frame, Smart Lock is tested to handle the comings and goings of a busy household for over 60 years. The IP65 rating ensures that come rain or shine, your front door is protected.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Very easy to install and setup. Works perfect. The way it actually detects and locks when the door is closed, and the fingerprint scanner are my reasons for buying over others. I would prefer a color choice, but black only is fine.

Poison Ivy
Very easy to install and a very nice door lock

I bought the Eufy Doorbell previously so I knew the company had quality products. Came in a box that was impressive in the way it was laid out. Instructions were good. The only important thing was to make sure when you turn the lock knob to make sure there is no obstruction when opening and closing knob. When it goes through the calibration process you will know if you did everything properly. My door had shifted slightly so I had to remove some of the slot where the locking bolt opens and closes. Make sure you get the WiFi not the one with the WiFi Bridge. There was an update for the software. The app that is downloaded using the QR code will get you all the instructions add the device and then using the settings icon you can add people using passcodes or finger print. The finger print you use either your thumb or index finger and place it on the scanner and it takes 8 times to recognize your finger print. Less than 1 minute. You can use up to 100 people with either pass codes or finger print. If you want to make sure it locks at certain time of day or night there is a feature for that. The only thing missing on this would be a camera like the doorbell. It records who access your door what time also. This is a very nice lock and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone since it is well made. I have bought 5 or 6 different door locks and this by far is the best.

Pasha Setrova
Love it! But needs an extra battery pack

Love everything about this. We use it for an apartment building and it's been great through and through. The only thing is we seriously need a second battery pack. Open installation, we didn't see that the battery needed to be charged until it came time to put the battery pack in but everything else was already in place. Basically we didn't get around to charging the battery the suggested amount of time before install as there was no way we felt safe leaving our door unlocked for 6 hours and locking the door completely for 6 hours wasn't an option either (tenants in and out, one persons a nurse who has odd hours). What happens when we need to charge it again? Please make an extra battery an option!

Jim B. Kohnman
Very, VERY Pleased with this

Hesitated for a long time to buy this, but so glad I did. We have a Eufy RoboVac and was happy with it, so thought I'd give this a try. VERY easy to install. For some reason the deadbolt was SLIGHTLY too big for the hole already in the door. It was the same size as the old one. Was able to ream it out a little, then all fit perfectly. The lock comes packaged with numbered boxes so you just grab out what you need as you get to each step. No trying to figure out what screws you need for that step, just open "step x" box, and all is there. I installed the lock while I charged the battery, and the hardware went in easy once I got the hole big enough. The software part was FLAWLESS. Once I put the battery in, I had it up and running in no time. The finger print reader works FAST. The door is unlocked by the time I reach down from the reader to the door knob. We also love that it locks from 1 second to 3 minutes after the door is shut. I have it set to 30 seconds and it works 100% of the time. I have a keyless entry on my car and wanted on for the house. Now I don't have to have anything but the keyfob for the car. The code entry works fine as well, but the finger print reader is WAY faster and more convenient. VERY happy with this lock and will put Eufy at the top of choices for any future products they make that I might need/want.

dan li

Love this lock.It is so easy to install that the manufacturer actually labeled each item in numeric order and the included manual was very easy to follow. One thing to mention the actual lock itself is big (taller) compared to my other two but that didn't bother me at all. Before using the lock you have to charge the included battery, mine took about 3 hours to fully charge. According to the manufacturer the battery can last up to 1 year before the next charge. That being said, once a year the smart lock will be nonoperational for a few hours.My experience with the smart lock was exceptional especially with the fingerprint reader. That thing works so fast I practically just tapped my finger on it and it will unlock/lock the door immediately. Another great feature is that you can register multiple fingers just like you do on smartphones. The numeric pad also was easy to use, you first need to wake up the screen by tapping on it and then you enter the code and hit the checkmark button to lock/unlock.