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6L Automatic Pet Feeder

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  • Right Portions at the Right Time: Our automatic dog feeder provides up to 4 meals daily with 1-50 portions(15ml each). 6L capacity. Equipped with an anti-stuck function, no more pre-dawn wake-up calls, or worry when traveling
  • Easy to use with many features: Transparent food window, Removable stainless steel food tray, Food portion control, Voice recordings, and more!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Works great, keeps settings even after power outage

I got this feeder for my 2 kittens and have been using it for a little more than a week. This feeder holds A LOT of food. To try and keep the food a little fresher I only fill it up about 1/3rd of the way.3 nights ago we had severe weather move through the area and ended up losing power for about 5 hours. What I thought was cool and it actually gave me piece of mind is this thing kept all its settings. Good to know for when I am out of town and something like this were to happen.It took about 2 days of use for the kittens to get "trained" I used the voice record feature so I call them to the feeder. It's hilarious to have this go off and it doesn't matter if they are dead asleep. They pop right up and you can hear the stampede across the house to go kitty crunchies.Don't know how I never survived without this before. Would recommend!

Jaden H
Easy setup; clean design and works great!

This is the first automatic feeder I’ve had but so far so good. I did a lot of research to find something that offers a clear window to show the food and it was necessary for me to have a stainless tray for the food. This is better for my two cats due to easy clean up and hygiene reasons. The device is larger than I expected, but then again this is the first feeder I’ve had and I knew it would hold substantial dry food.It was very very easy to program from the direction setup included with the machine. I haven’t noticed any large discrepancies with the timed dispensing. I also like the fact that the flip top lid covers all the buttons and keeps my cats from messing with the device. Power cord was long enough to reach the nearest outlet available.Overall, my two very curious cats are eating from it and jump at the sound of the food coming down into the tray. Having this auto feeder gives me peace of mind should I have to leave my cats alone by themselves for a few days.

Loving our new Pet Feeder!

I don't know why we didnt think of looking for an item like this in the past. No longer we have the question get asked across the hall or from the bedroom "did you remember to feed the dog?!", or wondering when was the last time we put food for him.... with this, you can automatically set your feeding time (breakfast, lunch, dinner, 4th meal), whether all 4 or just 1 or 2, whatever your preference is, along with portion size. We tested how much comes out for portion size and actually weighed it, and it was pretty consistent. There is also additional feature that you can record audio message to play when it's time for feeding, but we don't use that feature. This item is definitely a keeper and recommended.

Works great!

I wish I’d gotten one of these a long time ago. It’s easy to program and works very well. I’ve been losing lots of cat food to raccoons and possums due to just dumping food into an open pan on the back porch. Problem solved! Just program a measured feeding in the morning and one in the afternoon. Generally our two cats finish finish it off before dark. You can program this feeder for times and volume of food dispersed. The benefits we have seen are no loss of food to the varmints and not having to enlist someone to come over and feed the cats while we’re out of town. The feeder holds enough food to feed our cats for over a week. I recommend this product. So far it’s been well worth the money.

Taylor P.
Worth Every Penny

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This pet feeder is a GODSEND! We were using a very basic one before that had five servings and rotated in an axis. We had to fill it up every single day.This one is so much better! It stores so much more food than expected and is really easy to clean. Also, I got to record my silly self talking to my cats when they eat which is just so fun. My cats absolutely love it - the smart one can't figure out where the food is coming from which is perfect.Additionally, it is really pleasing to look at! The window that shows you how much food is left is really helpful so I know when to refill.Lastly, our cats are on a diet so being able to specially portion their food is amazing. You can calculate how much to give them in increments of 10 grams for each serving - absolutely incredible!